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Cloudpages is a free of cost web platform which can be used for various purposes including file sharing, video sharing, audio sharing, document sharing and even 3D object files sharing. It is like a social network which allows you to build one-page site which is all about you and your media content. What Cloudpages does is that it lets you write your short intro, upload a picture and engage in secure file transfer, free file sharing and file sharing and storage in the safest way.

The platform was developed with the aim of making it easy for people to share files so that it can be used by creative individuals and for educational applications. You can even connect with your friends over this platform. What makes it special is the fact that it can be downloaded in the form of an app on both Google devices and Apple devices. You can even use it on web browsers. For any kind of query or information, all you need to do is to drop us a message in the contact form available on the website.